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Sound Designer Wanted!

2012-04-10 18:54:22 by SliceOfDarkness

Hey people who are good at making things go "BOOM!" and "What the Fuuu?!", I just want to make a post on wanting to know if there is any people who want to make some music for me! I haven't got any ideas at the moment, but it would be great if I can get some help on making atmosphere for when someone is in the toilet or something I dunno, just make me happy and you should be happy :D Anyway, I'm off! Again, Sound Designer.... call me ;)

Break Time

2012-03-11 05:39:49 by SliceOfDarkness

I'm just gonna take a break for a while, lots of college work to do :P Also, it might take me a while to think of an idea because of the many animations being posted now and then.

New Animation!

2012-02-23 18:18:28 by SliceOfDarkness

Oh hai everyone! My second animation on Newgrounds has just been uploaded and I can't wait what sort of feedback I'll be getting! This would influence me to put more effort and time into more animations. Btw, the Skype Sillies has been cancelled for now, besides I got bored of making them anyway haha! Oh well, hope you like my random one :)

Hello again my NG friends! Right now, college work is getting in my way. But don't worry, I'll try and keep you entertained :D Right now I'm working on a parody of a video game I love sooo much, but won't be done until... god knows D: And the other, is a short funny one for the new layout that Youtube is hitting everyone. Your not the only one who doesn't like it XD Anyway, I'm off into the darkness *-*

Ahhh Yeah!

2012-01-25 15:18:43 by SliceOfDarkness

Hello Everyone! My first animation is posted and I'm excited for the feedback, even if it's hate I'll still respond to it to see why you didn't like and I can step it up more :D