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Entry #1

Ahhh Yeah!

2012-01-25 15:18:43 by SliceOfDarkness

Hello Everyone! My first animation is posted and I'm excited for the feedback, even if it's hate I'll still respond to it to see why you didn't like and I can step it up more :D


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2012-01-25 17:13:34

Lol Yay first flash!


2012-01-25 17:16:37

Hey there! Look, I think I was a little rough on your flash movie. So for what I said aobut your movie being blamed, I regret saying that. I understand your review response and should apologize you. And thanks for the answer!

P.D: I also changed my mind about your movie. I think it is funny, it's just that I wasn't thinking properly in that moment... Good Luck!